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Professional quality in your home.

We create an INTEGRAL formula, inspired by the work of the most demanding beauty professionals in the world, with many VARIABLES and technology.

Vivid and durable colors full of naturalness. Luxury, practicality and results at your fingertips!

SEMI-Permanent makeup for all skin types, more durable and unmatched quality.

Eyebrows perfectly makeup and durable.

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How to use:

1-Clean the area to be treated, make up your eyebrows. Make sure they're clean and dry.

2-Mix HENNA powder with warm water droplets. (the amount of HENNA to mix will depend on eyebrows and hair, you can start by placing less than half a tablespoon).

3-Get a HOMEGENEA mixture.

4-Apply the mixture in your eyebrows, giving the IDEAL shape and cleaning the areas around.

5-Let act of 25-30 minutes.

6-Remove the product with a cotton swab with water.

Its duration is six to ten days, depending on the type of skin. You can remove makeup, immerse yourself in pools or beach and not fall.

It pigments both hair and skin.