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4D SMOOTH is a mixture of natural ingredients, with vitamins, proteins, oils and amino acids, that have been perfectly combined to nourish, repair, enhance the shineand silkiness of the hairand to hydrate and restore the hair fiberIts main purpose is to provide a perfect and natural smooth in a single step the use of harmful chemicals thatcould affect the health. It is a vegan product and it is free of formaldehyde.

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4D SMOOTH is composed of carbocysteine, one of the ingredients of the keratin (a protein found in the outer layers of our skin and in other tissues such as the hair). The carbocysteine is an amino acidwhich is the basic component of proteins, including keratin. The composition of this amino acid forms bonds between keratin molecules, that depending of their strength, will shape the hair and make it wavy, smooth or curly, thus being responsible for the disulfide bridges found in the keratin of the hairThe more disulfide bridges the hair contains, the curlier it will be.

In order to get a beautiful smoothing, it is necessary to transform these disulfide bridges through the application of 4D SMOOTHwhichafter been combined with the glycosylic acid that comes from plants and microorganisms, will open the scalp to allow the carbocysteine ​​to penetrate, and to be able to modify those disulfide bridgesThe result will be a beautiful smoothing in which the hair is softer, brighter and more manageable. 

4D SMOOTH is not harmful to the hair health, on the contrary, thanks to its penetration skill, the hair fiber is repaired, nourished and hydrated, thereforethere is not anycontraindication, nor does it produce irritation or lesions. The immediately visible results are a softer and a healthier hair with an excellent texture.