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4D FRIZZ-FREE HAIR is a mixture of natural ingredients, with vitamins, proteins, oils and amino acids that have been perfectly combined to nourish, repair, give shine, silkiness, hydrate and restore the hair fiber. Its main function is to reduce the curl, soften the waves and eliminate frizz, without using chemicals harmful to health. It is a vegan product and free of formaldehyde.

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4D FRIZZ-FREE HAIR is composed of carbocysteine, one of the ingredients that contains keratin (a protein found in the outer layers of our skin and other tissues such as hair). The carbocisteína to be an amino acid is the basic component of proteins, including keratin. The composition of this amino acid forms bonds or bonds between keratin molecules that according to their strength will shape the hair and make it wavy, smooth or curly, thus being responsible for the disulfide bridges found in the hair keratin . In such a way that the more disulfur bridges the hair contains, the more curly it will be. To obtain a beautiful straightening it is necessary to transform these disulfide bridges by applying 4D FRIZZ-FREE HAIR to be combined with glycoxylic acid that comes from plants and microorganisms, open the hair cuticle, to get the carbocysteine ​​to penetrate and get to modify those disulfide bridges to obtain as a final result a beautiful smoothing in which the hair is shiny and manageable. 4D FRIZZ-FREE HAIR is not harmful to hair health, on the contrary, thanks to its penetration capacity, the hair fiber is repaired, nourished and hydrated, so it has no contraindication, nor does it produce irritation or damage. The immediately visible results are a softer, healthier hair with an excellent texture.